Pro-Folio Global Email subscription

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A 25-page full-color booklet AND 12 monthly emails detailing exactly what and when to trade.

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Product Description

Subscribers asked us for a portfolio that had less exposure to the US economy and US Dollar than Pro-Folio USA. This is it – Pro-Folio Global.

With the email subscription, you will not only receive the full-color booklet explaining step-by-step how to set up, monitor, and manage your portfolio. But you will also receive 12 monthly emails detailing exactly what and when to trade to follow the strategy.

The Pro-Folio Global portfolio consists of 66% non-US investments, including an additional fund of non-U.S. currency and money-market instruments.¬† If you’re concerned about US Dollar inflation, or the declining US domination of the global economy – then this could be the strategy for you. This portfolio holds 6 ETFs, including US stocks, Foreign currency, Foreign stocks, Foreign government bonds, Foreign real estate, and Commodities. Then we apply the exact same trading methodology as Pro-Folio USA to tell you when to get in and out of these sectors.

The email subscription must be renewed annually to continue receiving the monthly emails.


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