Happy New Year Friends!

December has shown a lot of strength in almost every sector of our Pro-Folio model – except for one. Sell your entire position in IEF on Monday. Hold everything else.

SPY – HOLD OR BUY – price 125.75  —– threshold  114.81
EFA – HOLD OR BUY – price  58.22  —–  threshold  53.75
IYR – HOLD OR BUY – price  55.96  —–  threshold  52.01
DJP – HOLD OR BUY – price 49.12 —– threshold  41.27
IEF – SELL – price 93.82 —– threshold  94.78

For existing investors:
Sell your entire holding of IEF. You should remain fully invested in the other 4 holdings of the Pro-Folio model. 

For new investors:
If you are new to Pro-Folio this
month, you should divide your portfolio into 5 equal parts, and invest
an equal amount of money in each of the securities shown above marked “HOLD OR BUY”. Because you didn’t invest in the components of the model at the time
when the buy signals first turned positive, your returns on these
initial trades may not be reflective of model’s typical expected
returns. DO NOT invest in IEF right now. Stand by with that portion of your portfolio in cash, awaiting the buy signal.

Signing Off
Thanks to each of you for your loyalty and your interest! I am reading much recently about the “frothy” markets – I will share some commentary in a few days about hedging your equity investments or at least taking some cash out of the markets. We are due for a pull back.

I also owe you performance data for the year 2010. I’m worn out this evening but will get to that as soon as I can – it’s good news!

If you want to get the PDF booklet showing you how to implement the Pro-Folio Original trading model on your own, click here.

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Your Excited-about-2011 Publisher-

Matt Willson

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