Pro-Folio Performance Update

I recently sent out an email to a bunch of folks quoting 2009 and 2010 YTD performance for Pro-Folio Original and Plus. Those investment return figures were noted as NOT INCLUDING dividends from investments and interest on cash.

Now I’ve got the dividends included in the recent history model, so I’ll provide an update on recent performance. Interest on cash the last couple of years is almost zero, so I’ve got only dividends in the model currently. Here we go:

Pro-Folio Original
   2009 full year:    15.32% total return
   2010 year to date: 3.4% total return

Pro-Folio PLUS
   2009 full year:    16.17% total return
   2010 year to date:  -0.19% total return

Now these performance figures may not look that smokin’ in comparison to the latest hot thing – but keep in mind that Pro-Folio is a low-risk strategy. Pro-Folio Original lost less than 1% during the financial meltdown of 2008 (Pro-Folio PLUS did not exist then). Pro-Folio‘s goal is not to find this season’s rocket, but to generate good returns over the long run with minimal risk, using a very simple monthly strategy.

If you want to carve out a piece of your portfolio and go chase the latest hot thing, go for it! Everyone likes to invest some fun money sometimes.  Use Pro-Folio for your core portfolio so that you can expect good, low-risk, long-term returns in just minutes per month – and sleep easy at night during all types of market conditions.


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